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Appointment booking & Walk-in List are Online


Our online walk-in system
 helps you avoid long waits
 and lets you do something else
 while you’re waiting. 

The Basics:

  • Join the list online or at the shop.
  • Opens when the shop opens and closes when there’s as many customers waiting as we can serve before closing time.
  • Once you sign-in you will be able to monitor your place in line.  You might also get messages advising you of your place in line.  The messages are sent manually by the barbers.  Our system does not process incoming messages.
  • You can hang out at the shop or do something else while you are waiting.
  • You can request any of the barbers who are dedicated to serving walk-ins.  If you don’t have a preference, choose the “No Prefrence” option
  • Not an appointment!  If you miss your turn it’s not a problem! If you miss your turn you’ll get 30 minutes before losing your place in line.
  • You can join the list if you’re able to arrive sometime around when it’ll be your turn (or within 30 minutes if nobody’s waiting).
  • The walk-in waiting list is for same-day service only.  Our system does not yet have the ability to handle advance reservations.
  • Wait times are influenced by a variety of factors, and therefore we do not know exactly how long the wait will beThe wait time quoted is just an estimate.

and Account Issues

  • On your first use of Barber-Q online waiting list, you will need to create an account.
  • Barber-Q currently only supports US phone numbers.
  • If you have trouble signing in on subsequent visits, use our account recovery feature, found on the sign-in screen.  Usually, sign-in issues may be because you mis-entered your last name, or possibly because there is a space after your name in the database.

We are beta testing Barber-Q and will report any issues with the developers.  Please send an e-mail to report any issues.

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