This Software is in beta.  We appreciate your patience should we discover any glitches. 
Please report issues to

  • Some of the barbers working today may be serving appointments and others are serving customers on the waiting list.  If you feel you are getting skipped, please let us know.
  • You are welcome to hang out in the shop or do something else while you’re waiting.
  • You can monitor your place in line using this application.  We may send you messages advising you of your place in line.  The messages aren’t sent automatically, so please forgive us if you don’t get a message.  Our system only sends messages and cannot receive.
  • If you miss your turn it’s not a problem.  You will get at least 30 minutes before you lose your place in line.
  • If you wait in the shop, we may be able to serve you sooner than expected.
  • Wait times are influenced by many factors and we regret that we do not know exactly how long the wait will be.
  • If your plans change and you won’t be coming, please leave the line.  If you make a habit of not removing yourself form the list when you won’t be coming, you will be blocked from our system.