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Appointment booking & Walk-in List are Online


About Online Sign-In...

Our online sign-in is beta software furnished by Waitbot.  We are hoping to continue the development of this system.  We appreciate your patience should any glitches be discovered.

  • When you check-in you will receive a text message with a link. If you have a smartphone, you can click the link to view the list.  There is a button to remove your name from the list.
  • When you sign-in you can request barber(s).  If you do not have a preference, do not make a selection. Once you complete the sign-in process your barber request cannot be modified online.  You can leave the list and re-join with your new selection or you can modify your request once you arrive in the shop.
  • Each member of your party will need to sign-in individually.
  • Our system does not have the ability to estimate wait time. 
  • You may get a text when you will be next.  This does not happen automatically.  We might not text you if the customers after you have already arrived.
  • We can only send text messages.   Any replies sent to the system's phone number will not be received.  The system’s text message number is different than the shop’s phone number.
  • If you miss your turn, you will eventually be pushed back or removed from the list.

If few are waiting, please do not join the list if you cannot arrive within 30 minutes.
Please leave the line if you won’t be coming, or you cannot arrive within 30 minutes of when you have been informed that you’re next.  You can rejoin the list another time.

We hope that future improvements on this system will allow you to move back in line if you’re not able to arrive soon.

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We are now running the new Barber-Q waiting list.  We appreciate your patience should any glitches be discovered.

You are welcome to call the shop and we can put your name on the waiting list if you are having difficulty using our new system.

Please note that on your first use you will have to create an “Account”.   Please note the small, green “create an account” link when asked for your last name and phone number. 
Click here to access the online waiting list.

We will make this step more ovbious ASAP

We have suspended our trial of Barber-Q are are back to using our old Waitbot online waiting list..
There are occasionally connectivity issues with the Waitbot server.  If you cannot connect to waitbot online waiting list, or you cannot complete the process, return to this page, wait a moment, and then try again.  Thank you for your patience.  We expect to be running Barber-Q again soon.  If you are having trouble signing in you are welcome to call the shop.

Our new Barber-Q waitlist failed on Friday afternoon (July 18).  We have returned to using our old Waitbot waitlist.  Please click the link below,

If clicking the link below gives you the  “We’ve moved, Please visit our new waitlist” message, it means our walk-in list is currently closed. This is most likely because we are not yet open, we are closed, or we have as many customers waiting as we are able to serve.   The closed message for waitbot is hard coded and we are waiting for the programmer to change it.

We are sorry about the confusion and appreciate your patience as we blaze the frontier of online queuing.

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